I'm Kate and I love social media marketing.

Not something everyone likes to admit but there it is, I've said it! I have more years of strategic marketing experience than I’d care to admit (ok, over 20 years but sssshhhh… don’t tell anyone!) and I've worked for some of the worlds largest and most admired bluechip brands including Vodafone, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. I've also worked on the other side of the fence having worked for a number of full service marketing agencies.

It's safe to say, I love marketing... and I get it! I apply all of my years of experience along with specialist training, to the world of social and I'm just a little bit proud of the results it delivers for our clients.

I've been training and managing social media clients since 2017 and I've had a ball! I enjoy working with clients of all different sizes from a wide variety of sectors and have enjoyed every minute of the social media journey I'm on with them - whether it’s doing 1:1 or in-house training programmes, developing and managing their social strategies or delivering killer Social advertising campaigns.

I've built an experienced team of social media managers, advertising managers, copywriters and designers who share my passion for all things social and we'd love to talk to you.



We love social and love the results it delivers for our clients even more.

We are passionate about educating people on how to use social media to develop their businesses in  a no nonsense, jargon free way.


We are bursting with creative ideas that will make you and your business stand out on those busy news feeds and drive that all important traffic.


Without a coherent strategy, your social will go nowhere. Fact!

We work hard to deliver a social strategy that aligns to your business and revenue goals.